Ophelia Crane

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Authors, Videos, and other things

Want a glimpse of The Pride: Sacrifice? Here's a little video I made!

Some of my favorite authors and good friends!

Please enjoy their pages as well!

Mary Gibbs - Author of "The Maiden's Courage". She's got a pretty neat blog too! 

Troy Blackford -- Author "Robbed of Sleep" and "Under the Wall". Here's a link to 

his Amazon page!

Tim McBain -- Author of "Chasing Shadows" with a damned funny twitter page.

Stephen King -- Because it's Stephen King!  Duh!

Colors in Darkness -- An awesome site for horror and dark fantasy loves, like me!

Miriam Shumba -- Author of "That Which Has Horns" and "Chasing".

Goodreads -- If you're not on goodreads, Get there!  If you are, find me!