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Fresh News for Spring!!

Posted by Lokispark Publications on March 27, 2019 at 10:15 AM

Hi everybody! Well, long time, no see!

Well, maybe not that long if you’ve been following my WTFHM blog. :D

As active as I’ve been there, things have been going on that it occurs to me, I should probably mention here on my home page. So...

Number One:

I’m doing bookshows again! I will be at the Flint Book Festival of Books on March 30 (That’s this Saturday) and The Annual Author’s fair in Detroit On April 6th (That’s next Saturday). I will be updating right here as more events pop up!

Number Two:

I will be branching out under the LokiSpark Publications name. You might have seen the brand on my last book Moral Compass (If not, well, I guess you’re just gonna have to get yourself a copy, now aren’t you?).

What that means is that you’ll see more titles under the LokiSpark Publication brand including stuff from a brand new author: Roxanne Rue.

Who is Roxanne Rue, you ask in a singsong voice? Well...if your tastes are a little on the spicy side, hold on to your hats fellow readers! She will be coming out with a new series entitled “Like A Demon”. It’s an erotic supernatural thriller that is guaranteed to raise the hairs on, um, the back of your neck. ;)

Look out for it! It’s due out in May! Come back here for more details!

That’s all for now! Take care and keep reading!!

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