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Summertime news!

Posted by Lokispark Publications on June 24, 2020 at 4:35 PM

Hey all!  Hope you're having a safe summer!!  

So, you may've heard that I'm taking a break from WTFHM for a minute. Don't worry! I'll be back soon with a fresh new horror movie to review. For now, however, I'm focusing my energy on other projects.

Well, like, the new book that I'll be releasing next year. It's a nice, calming horror story based on a very old legend I stumbled across.


I'm also helping my daughter out with a project that she's wanted to do since...well, since she started playing video games. It's a little gaming channel we've entitled "
Gold Star Gamers".  She'll be putting up the first post this week! So, look out for the link on my social media pages (which you should already be following ;)).

Don't watch it for me. Watch it to make a 17 year old newly graduated kid happy.

Okay, okay.  But seriously, she's pretty funny. And if you like watching Let's Plays, you just might like watching us stumble through some of her favorite games. (She's a way better player than I am, by the way.)

So, keep a watch out for me! Stay safe, stay sane, and thanks for keeping up with me!


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