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Ophelia Crane was born in Detroit, Michigan. 

The Detroit native is known for her short stories in "Three A.M. as well as her post-apocalyptic novel "Moral Compass". She is also the co-host of the Twitch Stream "GoldStar Gamers" and the writer of the "Will Twerk for Horror Movies" blog.

Ophelia started writing in fifth grade when a teacher noticed that she liked to draw pictures that told stories in her spare time. The teacher thought that she could better use her energy to create tell the stories instead of drawing them. The end result was Ophelia making picture books. At home, she started typing the stories out on her mother's typewriter and she hasn't stopped since.

Her love of writing is only surpassed by her love of reading. From an early age, she discovered her love for the works of horror and science fiction authors, such as H.G. Wells, Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Phillip K. Dick. Through writing in horror, she discovered that there is no limit to the imagination and she found a way to grow through the genre.

Her goals are to successfully write novels that shock and fascinate the public. Through her own work, she plans to establish herself in the public eye. She plans to eventually create her own publishing company for authors looking to bring their dark worlds into the mainstream as she plans to do for herself. 

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