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L​ike to read? Awesome! Here are the books that I've written!

I Hope Your Abuser Dies

Lyra Kitten is the biggest porn star in the world. She has money, fame, and even respect. All that doesn't protect her from the trappings of fame or her abusive husband's plans.

Soon, Lyra finds herself changing into a creature of legend and suddenly, with her vengeance at hand, she has to face the monster within and still hold onto her humanity.

Available right now!!!

Moral Compass

Moral Compass is next novel by Ophelia Crane. In the not so distant future where fascism is law, resistance is terrorism, and justice has been erased, Phineas Baer has decided to use his own particular set of skills to right a terrible wrong in his past. When he’s called upon to assassinate a young woman, he finds his own moral fiber tested. He soon discovers that she carries with her a secret that could change world that he knows. Phineas must decide which is the correct road – the road to corruption or the road to destruction.

Three A.M.

Vampires, witches, Faeries with carnal desires. Has anyone every told you a story that you couldn't believe...? Was it late at night, under the covers, after one too many and the party is winding down...?

This new anthology features the stories that go bump in the night. Come along as we explore those things we can't possibly believe.

The Pride: Sacrifice

Saro and Mainor are young princes in Obestra. They are lions and they are men. Saro has been blessed with the gift of foresight.

When Saro tells his father of a Great Iron Snake in the east heading for their sacred hunting grounds, it becomes clear that action must be taken. Saro convinces his father to allow himself and his brother to venture to the east in order to stop the snake from reaching their hunting grounds.

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